Addiction Medicine

Addiction Medicine services offered Nationwide

Addiction Medicine holds with in it the process, medications, and guidance to assist patients in and on recovery from those substances they have a dependance upon. This can be as simple as sugar, to as complex as opiates/narcotics and alcohol. We provide both Homeopathic Approaches to Addiction and Conventional Medical approaches for Substance Use Disorders, Alcohol addiction/use disorder, Opiate/Narcotic addiction/use disorder, Marijuana addiction/use disorder, Nicotine addiction/use disorder, and others.

What Is Addiction Medicine?

Addiction Medicine is a medical subspecialty that deals with the diagnosis, prevention, evaluation, treatment, and recovery of persons with addictions and substance use disorders.  The primary focus is caring for patients with substance related and addictive disorders and care of people who show unhealthy use of substances including alcohol, prescription pain medications, narcotics/opiates other psychoactive substances ( Phenybuit, Kratom), marijuana as well as other illicit and licit drugs. Incorporated within the care of patients with addictions is the processes of detoxification, rehabilitation, harm reduction, abstinence based treatment, treatment of withdrawal related symptoms, acute intervention, and long term therapies designed to reduce likelihood of relapse.

Often a patient will need to enter into some form of therapy.  This may be out-patient, residential, or other.  With every path of therapy taken, working through the past, present and future of addiction via consulting and cognitive behavioral therapy will assist in the success of recovery.

Addiction has many possible medical and psychological companions.  This may be Depression, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, Anxiety, Bipolar Disorder, HIV, Hepatitis C, Heart Issues, Liver Failure, and many others.  

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