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Holistic Medicine services offered Nationwide

Holistic Medicine blends alternative therapies with conventional medical practices to improve your mental, spiritual, and physical health. At Medicine Man Inc in Scottsdale, Arizona Micah Hale, DO uses conventional diagnostic practice evaluation within holistic medicine to help your journey to a state of re-ease for your dis-ease. He offers these services in numerous states across the country using telemedicine. To find out how Holistic Medicine can benefit you, call Medicine Man Inc or book online today.

Holistic Medicine Q&A

What is Holistic Medicine?

Holistic Medicine is a type of medical care that combines highlights from both conventional medicine and alternative practices. 

The main objective of Holistic Medicine is to treat you as a whole person rather than a specific condition or set of symptoms you have. Holistic Medicine also examines the common underlying causes of multiple conditions. 

At Medicine Man Inc., Dr. Hale understands that all parts of your body and spirit ultimately function together as one. If something isn’t working properly in one part of your body, it’s very likely to be causing malfunctions in other areas too. 

After giving you a detailed evaluation and exam, he creates your personalized holistic care plan to address your health problems at the source. 

Holistic Medicine acknowledges that your body’s own natural healing systems are integral in helping you recover from diseases to get the best possible outcome from long-term care. 

Who can benefit from Holistic Medicine?

Holistic Medicine can help with many different medical ailments, including conditions and isolated symptoms. Medicine Man Inc routinely provides holistic care plans for:

Acute Illnesses

Acute illnesses are medical conditions that last only a short while before you make a recovery, and they’re generally easy to treat. 

Chronic Diseases

Chronic diseases are medical conditions that last for an extended period, and many are lifelong. They need specific long-term care so you can avoid complications and be as comfortable as possible.

Substance Abuse

Substance abuse is a condition involving your mind that makes you chemically dependent on drugs or alcohol. Dr. Hale specializes in addiction medicine to help you detoxify and recover. 

What can I expect from Holistic Medicine?

Holistic Medicine at Medicine Man Inc can involve numerous treatments and lifestyle strategies to restore balance to your health and wellness. Dr. Hale offers telemedicine services in 37 states to make your Holistic Health care as accessible as possible.

Depending on your health and wellness needs, your Holistic care plan might involve:

  • Herbal supplements
  • Pharmaceutical medications
  • Lifestyle and habit changes
  • Therapy
  • Detox services 


Dr. Hale emphasizes the importance of your mental, physical, and spiritual wellness and provides holistic wellness services that can benefit you even when you’re otherwise healthy. 


To re-ease your disease symptoms with personalized Holistic Medicine, call Medicine Man Inc or schedule an appointment online today.

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