Patients Reviews

Being 57 I've seen many doctor's in my time. Dr. Hale has been the most down to earth person I've ever met and very caring. True Godsend. I really can't say enough about him. Understanding, practical and extremely efficient.

Doug A. | Oct 15, 2022
Dr Micah cares for his patients. Few things I was so impressed with were: 1. He spends adequate time with his patients. He spent 45+ minutes with us, trying to understand the medical situation. 2. He is very economical. 3. He is flexible and has been considerate to setup a zoom call between family members at various locations. 4. He cares for the patient's health, he focuses on good healthy lifestyle, discusses alternates to medication - such as healthy diet, exercise, meditation, lifestyle changes, etc. Overall he is a very good human being who is passionate about helping his patients more than earning money..

Anonymous A. | Oct 10, 2022