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Medical Direction Done Right services offered Nationwide

At Medicine Man Inc we have embarked on a truly unique business model.  We are the Medical Direction Company that provides all of the operational systems for you to bring to your clients to provide the desired medical care.   After many years in EMS Medical Direction, Emergency Room Care, IV Therapy Medical Direction and Addiction Medicine, we have developed the Mobile Medical Clinic Model.  This model partners with your business for your services.  In this partnership, we provide the operation oversight, supply chain, and compliance with all rules and regulations for operating a medical practice.  This model allows you to take the clinic to the patient in a variety of care situations and needs. If you wish a brick and mortar and not mobile, we support this model of care also. 

For those seeking to create a hydration clinic or IV therapy clinic, we provide all of the operational processes, medical-legal compliance, billing and monetary flow compliance and medical direction oversight.  Your job is to provide the licensed professionals and the clients.  

We service Nurse Practitioners who need a Physician liaison for insurance billing and/or State required oversight for your practice.  From Urgent Care to Psychiatry.  We provide you a stable medical director who will provide your needed specialty oversight.  With our system in action, you can join our Clinic in each State or create a buisness relationship that supports your model of care.  

What Is Medical Direction with Medicine Man Inc?

Medicine Man Inc provides Medical Direction Done Right via Telemedicine that is in compliance with all rules and regulations mandated by State Medical Boards, Nursing Boards, DHS Administrative Rules, and Pharmacy Boards for your company in the following States:

Alabama, Arizona, California, Colorado, Connecticut, Delaware, District of Columbia, Florida, Georgia, Iowa, Idaho, Illinois, Indiana, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maryland, Maine, Michigan, Minnesota, Mississippi, Montana, North Dakota, Nebraska, New Hampshire, Nevada, Ohio, Oklahoma,  Pennsylvania, South Dakota, Tennessee, Texas, Utah, Virginia, Vermont, Washington, West Virginia, Wisconsin, Wyoming. 

Questions You need answered when seeking Medical Direction oversight of your company and your licensed providers who work for your company:

1. Have I created a Medical Practice with my intended model of operation? 

2. Does the Medical Direction Company Provide the electronic medical record (EMR) for the care of my clients?

3. Will the Medical Direction Company provide evaluation and care for my clients that keeps my licensed professionals free from the allegations of practicing medicine without a license?

4. Does the Medical Direction Company provide the Protocols and Standing Orders that allow the growth direction for my desired client base treatment?

5. Does the Medical Direction Company provide Medical Malpractice coverage for my licensed professionals?

6. Does the Medical Direction Company offer telemedicine back up when the client's condition presents outside of the protocols or standing orders?

7. Does the Medical Direction Companies fee requirements cost me a large amount of money before I have clients?  

8. Does the Medical Direction Company provide the services necessary to comply with the rules and regulations of Governing Boards, State Departments of Health Services, and Federal Oversight Organizations?

9. Does the Medical Direction Company provide a comprehensive model of oversight that keeps me in regulatory compliance while my medical practice provides client evaluation and care?

Connect with us to understand how Medical Direction by Medicine Man Inc. is Medical Direction Done Right.

What MMI offers:

Complete medical oversight of your clients who become our patients with Telemedicine care available.

Product distribution lines to ensure products are readily available.

EMR, Malpractice coverage for your contracted licensed professionals, and dynamic protocols/standing orders.

Medical Direction for Brick and Mortar or Mobile IV companies.

No Franchise Fee.

Only start-up costs are your products, supplies for IV therapy and marketing. (Unless you open a  Brick and Mortar). 

Share of revenue model.  We make money as you make money.

What You Supply:

Location for IV Care/Medical Clinic, Brick and Mortar or Mobile or Both

Licensed Professionals to contract with MMI who have basic insurance coverage (costs about $80-120/yr)

Clients for IV service and expanded services beyond traditional IV Hydration therapies.

Your Greatest cost is your marketing and supplies for care.

Nurse Practitioners:

Connect with us to discuss your needs.


Reach out at for a detailed conversation.

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