About Medicine Man Inc

Holistic Wellness & Homeopathic Diagnostic Consultant in Scottsdale, AZ

About Medicine Man

Dr. Micah Hale has excelled in critical and complex medical care in the Emergency
Room in Oklahoma, California and Arizona for 20+ years.   Over the past 3+ years, medicine has had a difficult time finding answers for the newest batch of illness going around and the post illness "Long Hauler" problems patients are experiencing.  During this time Medicine Man Inc has researched and implemented protocols that have led to a significant improvement in the acute illness process and post recovery pathways.

A significant focus of Dr. Hale's approach involves treating each individual holistically with an open, honest, non-judgmental, and caring demeanor. He excels at taking chaotic information and compiling it into a workable diagnosis. Dr. Hale has many years of employing holistic medicine as recommendations for ER patients.

Dr. Hale and the team believe every person has the right to pursue the path of care they understand to be in their best interest. With this said, the team will facilitate open dialogue while developing a conventional medical diagnosis. This process may involve ordering laboratory tests, imaging studies, or other diagnostics as advised to provide a complete picture of your health.

The fee for visits are simple, The average new patient visit is 20-40 min depending on complexity. Follow up visits are 20 min on average, depending on complexity

$150.00 per 20 minutes of time.

For Established Patients:

Medication refills, therapeutic treatment, supplement prescriptions, not part of a visit:

$15.00 per prescription/order.  

Laboratory or Radiology testing orders not part of a visit;

$25.00 per order set.

Dr. Hale and the team look forward to welcoming you to Medicine Man Inc. To set up a return visit or book an initial consultation, contact the office in Scottsdale, Arizona.