About Medicine Man Inc

Holistic Wellness & Homeopathic Diagnostic Consultant in Scottsdale, AZ

About Medicine Man

Medicine Man Inc is a multi-provider practice with a focus on Holisitic Care, Wellness attainment and Addiction Treatment.

Modern Medicine has had a difficult time with evaluation and successful treatment for the newest batch of substance use disorders, chronic illnesses and problems patients are experiencing.  During this time Medicine Man Inc has researched and implemented protocols that have led to a significant improvement in the acute and chronic illnesses conditions. We do our best to provide you with the BEST evaluation for your medical concerns.  We formulate a comprehensive treatment pathway for recovery and wellness attainment. 

Medicine Man Inc's provider approach involves treating each individual holistically with an open, honest, non-judgmental, and caring demeanor. The team excels at meeting you where you are and helping you recover, heal, and thrive physically, emotionally, and mentally.

Medicine Man Inc's founders believe every person has the right to pursue the path of care they understand to be in their best interest. With this said, the team will facilitate open dialogue to assist your with your medical needs. This process may involve ordering laboratory tests, imaging studies, or other diagnostics as advised to provide a complete picture of your health.

Medicine Man Inc is a fee for service Medical Practice.  This means, you as the paitent pay for your visit at the time of visit.  You will be provided a Super Bill.  This is what you will submit to your HSA, Health Insurance, or other entitiy you contract with for your medical care coverage.  They in turn will pay you back some portion of the billing for seeing Medicine Man Inc's Clinicians as an "Out of Network Medical Provider". 

Visit rates are as follows:


Fee for the first visit is $250. 

If you have seen Dr. Micah Hale in another Medical Setting, this fee is reduced to $175.

Follow up visits are $175.

Visits with IV therapy by one of our independant contractor occuring after the first intake visit will cost $75.00

If an email request, phone request or other is done that is outside of a visit, then the following payments are required the day of request. 

$15.00 per prescription/order.  

Laboratory or Radiology testing orders not part of a visit:  $25.00 per order set.


These prices will vary upon the type of therapy wanted.  Our independant medical professionals will discuss the cost of this service upon phone, text, or email contact.  The rates for this service are at industry standard.  The first visit includes a telemedicine visit with one of our clinicians.


Dr. Hale and the team look forward to welcoming you to Medicine Man Inc. To set up a return visit or book an initial consultation, contact the office in Scottsdale, Arizona.